A Little About Nicole…

Hey guys,

I appreciate you interest in my blog. I started “It’s Not What Knocks you down…” because I I wanted to have an outlet for my creativity and passion for writing. This blog is about life plain and simple. Starting out is is about my life but my hope is that over time. It can expand and we can take guest bloggers to post on things that matter to them.

A little about Nicole…

By now you know that my name is Nicole. I am 27 years old, married and own by own business GEEK4GEEK (check it out!!!). I have always thought that I had a good well adjusted life. However in my quest for self improvement I have opened my eyes to the reality that is my life. This blog in it’s simplest form it to help me see below the surface to the reality.

Again readers THANK YOU for taking the time to read what I have created. I hope that it has helped you in someway; or in the very least gave you a few minutes of “you time!”

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