Social Anxiety

Recently I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone to try and connect with other people. This has proven difficult for me because I suffer from social anxiety. I do have to say that this is a self diagnosis and my therapist had not directly told me so. However I have chosen to do something that people often do take an online test to find out if I suffer from said anxiety and my results were 68 out of a possible 90 point: My score indicates a high amount of social anxiety and most likely would meet DMS-IV standards for a social anxiety disorder.

The results come as no surprise to me, as the title of this post is “Social Anxiety”. However what is a surprise to me is that this past weekend I took steps in overcoming my anxiety and went to a meet up with strangers. For those individuals who will read this post meet up is a website that allows people to find groups that share interests. The groups have meet ups where the people can get together and bond over whatever interests they share.

In regards to your truly, you know me, I am a huge geek. If you would like to know more about that you can check out my business blog Geek Logs or go to my store website GEEK4GEEK. Now back to the post. As I said I identify as a geek or a nerd. I enjoy most of the things associated with those labels. So it made sense when I joined two meet up groups that revolve around Nerds & Dr. Who!!

The group activity that I did this past weekend was to see Big Hero 6 (great movie and an emotional roller coaster). I decided this would be the best meet up to go to for the following reasons:

1. It’s a movie – no talking, just sitting in a dark room and watching a movie

2. My husband was going to be in town – it wan’t to see it, and he provided me with a buffer.

3. Minimal contact – my therapist would like me to make connections with people and this provided a way for me to do it      gradually.

I will have a long road ahead of me to overcome my social anxiety so that I can be more comfortable in certain, a lot, of situations and so that I will want to make more human connections. However in the meantime I am proud of the small step that I have taken. I am so proud that I have even signed up for another group event.

This event will provide a setting for more engagement with the other people within the group and we will be doing something that I have never done but always wanted to: go to the EMP (Experience Music Project Museum) in Seattle Washington.

Look at me growing into a better person, Go me!!!!!!!

One thought on “Social Anxiety

  1. I can really connect with what you are saying. I’ve worked hard to overcome my social anxiety–anxiety in general it still a part of my emotional makeup. I am currently working on the anxiety I feel when going out to eat by myself. It’s tough but the more I do it…


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