Why My Journey began

I remember being in the passenger seat of my husband’s car as we drove down the highway on our way to the airport. He had to go out of town for work and yet again I was feeling very bad about myself and hungover. During that ride it occurred to me that something in my life needed to change: ME!

It was very difficult to come to that realization but it was time. There had been many things in my life recently that kept knocking me down and I allowed them to stop me from getting back up. This is what got me walking through the door of my therapist’s office, and almost a year later  I am still going. It was a challenge for me to walk through the door the first time, but as time progresses I find it becoming easier.

This process has pushed me very far out of my comfort zone and I struggle with being proud about that. I tend to hang on to the negative aspects of things so that when it comes to being proud of myself I struggle. I need outside praise in order for me to become remotely proud of myself. However even with the outside praise I tend not to believe it.

I know that this is going to be a never-ending journey and I am ready for it!

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